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Your one-stop shop for rough terrain crane, truck crane, and crawler crane spare parts. PartGlobal is your go-to crane specialist for any question, issue, or problem you may have with your crane. We have an extensive inventory of new crane components. At any time, we have a large stock of mobile crane components and spare crane parts. Feel free to contact our staff for pricing and availability.

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We Supply These Crane Parts

Crawler Crane

Cranes installed on an undercarriage with a set of tracks, or crawlers, that offer stability and movement.

Rough Terrain Crane

Cranes that are built on an undercarriage with four rubber tyres suitable for off-road and “rough terrain” uses.

Truck Crane

Cranes designed and built to be used mainly for lifting, lowering, or traversing while working from a secure fixed position.


Part Global is a leading crane parts supplier established in Malaysia since 2007. Our products are exported to over 20 countries worldwide.


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